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Update from IDBI [May. 29th, 2005|01:20 pm]


It has been six days since my tryst with actual employment has started. We have had an induction till now wherein the basics of banking were taught as well as interaction of top level people was done. it has been pretty hectic in BElapur. We have got decent acco. Seems like IDBI ppl have this fascination with coffee....every one hour coffee cups are distributed in the "class"room!! There is also this fascination with ACs. In the flats as well as the offices, ACs are blasted at full volume. It makes you think whether you are really in Mumbai where now the humidit is reaching unprecedented levels!! As I was sweating it out in a bus on Sunday while going for Nikhil's wedding, I realised this is one fascination I really like!!

Nikhil's wedding
Finally the sheik of IIMK got married!! ANd I was there to honour him with my presence. Joining me were the UTI gang (Chimpy, Tushar, Anuj Aggarwal and Chitto), BCOne guys (Deepak Kumar and Ballu) and Shreekanth. Shreekanth was spookily dressed in the same Kurta he wore during the alumni meet two years ago. It kinda felt as if things had come full circle. Also there was Ravi Girdhar all the way from Bangalore just for the wedding. As someone remarked, his love for marriages can be seen as the reason for his gr8 health!! Wht was distressing to see tht not many K ppl had turned up for the marriage. This aint good.

CHennai for me
I have got Chennai as my location for now. Being away from my hometown is no sweat, but the real problem is going away from home!! This surprise decision has depressed Pragati somewhat as she wants Bombay and looking at my location and the fact tht my mentor is the one who took my interview, there is a line of thought going on tht locations are being given Institutewise!! Oh, btw Pragati is doing good. She has totally immersed herself in work to try to get the highest grade. In fact her excess efforts have led to some really funny CP!! As for Jenny, she is her cool self over here.

Six degrees of separation
The six degrees thing is alive and kicking here!! I have met two college mates here. Also have got to know friends of Vivek and Adarsh !!